Mingyan Liu named associate dean for academic affairs

Liu hopes to foster collaborative and innovative problem-solving among faculty from different disciplines.
Mingyan Liu

The University of Michigan Board of Regents approved the appointment of Mingyan Liu as associate dean for academic affairs at Michigan Engineering, effective June 1, 2023.

Liu is also Alice L. Hunt Collegiate Professor of Engineering and was previously Peter and Evelyn Fuss Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering division.

As chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Liu hired 14 new faculty and managed an internal and external departmental review, leading to a new strategic plan for the department. She has also served on the Rackham Executive Board and the College’s COVID Council, which oversaw many policy decisions to support teaching and research during the pandemic.

Liu brings strengths as an innovator, collaborator, and inclusive leader to her new role. Her research in communication networks and cybersecurity has been characterized by interdisciplinary collaboration throughout her career. She received the 2018 Distinguished University Innovator Award after founding a successful cybersecurity company, and has led and participated in several multi-institution research and educational programs. Liu co-chaired the U-M Task Force on Innovation from 2017 to 2018.

Mingyan Liu is wearing a red cap and gown for faculty. She is smiling and shaking hands with a student (back to the camera) who is wearing the traditional black graduation cap and gown
Mingyan Liu shakes hand with a recent graduate at the 2023 College of Engineering Commencement Ceremony. Photo: Brenda Ahearn/Michigan Engineering

“Working with faculty in other fields both as a researcher and department chair has broadened my perspective and helped me see new angles to engineering problems,” said Liu. “As associate dean for academic affairs, I look forward to helping all our faculty achieve their goals through innovative and collaborative problem-solving as we continue to advance technology with a positive impact on society.”

The associate dean for academic affairs has responsibilities related to the College’s faculty, including oversight of the hiring, promotion and tenure processes; merit review and overall budget review and planning; and space allocation and management.

“Mingyan’s experience and her inclusive leadership style will make her an excellent champion for our current and future faculty,” said Steven L. Ceccio, dean of Michigan Engineering, the Vincent T. and Gloria M. Gorguze Professor of Engineering, a professor of naval architecture and marine engineering, and a professor of mechanical engineering and applied mechanics.

Liu succeeds Ceccio as associate dean for academic affairs. Dennis Sylvester, Edward S. Davidson Collegiate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will become interim chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering division.