Isabel Martin receives CoE Distinguished Leadership Award

Isabel envisions a future working in the aerospace industry.

isabel martin Enlarge

Isabel Martin received a 2014 College of Engineering Distinguished Leadership Award for her outstanding leadership and service to the College and community. In addition to her remarkable achievements in leading student teams, she will soon graduate with undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Engineering Physics, Physics (Honors), and Mathematical Sciences.

Isabel has been a member of the Michigan Mars Rover team since 2011, and both President and High School Design Challenge Director since 2013. She designed, built, and tested the electronic power system, C&DH system, camera system and driving control of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Rovers. The team will compete in the University Rover Challenge in June.

In 2012, Isabel founded the Robotic Exploration of Space Team in response to the NASA Robotic Mining Challenge; the team will compete in Florida this May. In 2013, she formed the team, M-tanglement, and entered the Freescale Cup, a competition that involved designing, building, and testing a line-following autonomous vehicle.

As a member of the CanSat Project in 2010-11, she received the Most Valuable Team Member distinction, presented to members of the Student Space Systems Fabrication Laboratory.

Isabel envisions a future working in the aerospace industry.