Three staff recognized with 2022 CSE Excellence ++ Award

These individuals provide the professionalism and insight that enable the efficient operation of one of the largest units at the College of Engineering.
Diane Crang, Cindy Estell, and Stephen Reger

The CSE Division is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 CSE Staff Excellence++ Award. These individuals were chosen on the basis of their strong commitment, dependability, and extraordinary levels of contribution, and for their efforts to create a positive and inclusive culture in CSE, all of which are identified as criteria for nomination to this award.  

All three of these individuals have proven themselves integral to the efficient operation of one of the largest units at the College of Engineering, and in doing so have helped our community to thrive. Congratulations!

Diane Crang

Faculty Affairs

Diane is one of the most versatile staff at CSE. Her normal slate of duties are wide-ranging and include casebook support, CSE reimbursements support, gift letter preparation, faculty search back-up support, and course resource support for Dr. David Chesney. In addition, Diane has been able to cheerfully pinch hit for other offices, this year filling in at the CSE undergraduate advising office during a UGAO staff shortage. Because of her attention to detail, she has recently identified and documented an extra and necessary step for limiting access to confidential documents in Dropbox, has created a catalog and check-in/check-out system for Dr. Chesney’s class equipment, and has recently been specifically requested by a faculty for casebook support. She’s also happy to share her insight with other staff. CSE appreciates Diane’s commitment to CSE and her willingness to tackle any challenge. 

Cindy Estell

Faculty Affairs

Cindy is well known for her support of the faculty search process, for her work in developing casebooks for promotions and her collegial and competent style. Each year, Cindy manages a tremendous amount of detail for well over 30 candidate visits, all the while making it look easy. Even with the record-breaking numbers of faculty candidates and subsequent interviews in recent years, she takes the time to identify ways in which processes related to faculty search, recruiting, application, scheduling, and tracking can be improved, and recently provided valuable input into the design of a web portal for  faculty search.  Cindy’s attention to detail helps ensure clarity for the search committee, the Chair’s administrative staff, and with the CoE’s ADAA’s office – and also a very positive experience for candidates. CSE values Cindy’s contributions toward our ability to hire the best faculty.

Stephen Reger


Steve Reger is known for his attention to detail and process, and his willingness to take on and manage tasks. And his amazing ability to dispense tech advice! Somehow, Steve’s role seems to expand when new challenges arise, and he is there to fill the void with a positive attitude. In this past year, Steve has not only dealt with his usual purchasing and equipment inventory responsibilities and the many “extra” things he has always done (ordering lunches, reserving rooms, helping people with tech advice), but he also took on responsibility for receiving shipments and managing facilities issues during the CSE’s facilities coordinator’s three month absence and helped to enable a hybrid conferencing system in the main conference room. His care for CSE runs deep: prior to the holiday closure he was seen checking to be sure that every window in every office was closed. CSE applauds Steve’s many contributions to the operation of the division.