John P. Hayes Honored with IEEE TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal

Prof. John Hayes Enlarge
Prof. John Hayes

John P. Hayes, Claude E. Shannon Professor of Engineering Science, has been honored with the IEEE TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal for his outstanding contributions to test technology. The award was presented to him on behalf of the IEEE Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC) at the 2013 International Test Conference in September 2013.

Prof. Hayes teaches and conducts research in the general area of computer science and engineering, with specific interests in computer hardware design, computer-aided design and testing, VLSI circuits, reliable computer architecture, and quantum computing.

Prof. Hayes obtained his B.E. degree in electrical engineering from the National University of Ireland, Dublin, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He joined the faculty at Michigan in 1982; prior to that he was on the faculty of the University of Southern California. He also worked in industry for a couple of years, and has held visiting positions at Stanford University, McGill University, the University of Montreal, Logicvision Inc., and the University of Freiburg.

Prof. Hayes was the founding director of Michigan’s Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory. He is author of seven books, including Computer Architecture and Organization, (McGraw-Hill, 3rd ed. 1998), Quantum Circuit Simulation (Springer, 2009) and Design, Analysis and Test of Logic Circuits under Uncertainty (Springer, 2012), as well as over 275 technical papers and several patents. He received the University of Michigan’s Distinguished Faculty Award in 1999 and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s Research Prize in 2004. Prof. Hayes is a Fellow of both IEEE and ACM.

About the Award

The TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal was established to recognize a lifelong outstanding contribution that made a fundamental impact on test technology.  In the past forty years, the test technology domain has been shaped by a select number of test professionals. The test community has benefited from their long term and outstanding contributions, but to date has not had the opportunity to formally express its appreciation. This prestigious award is meant to recognize such major donors.

The Lifetime Contribution Award may be granted annually or on irregular intervals based on merit. The TTTC has appointed an LTC selection subcommittee dedicated to conduct research, perform selection, and recommend awardees. This committee analyzes a set of tentative candidates and follows a three phase structured evaluation process to select a potential finalist from among them.