Jason Clemons Receives NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship

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Jason Clemons

Ph.D. candidate Jason Clemons has been selected to receive an NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship for the 2012-13 academic year. This year, NVIDIA has awarded only 12 of these fellowships to top Ph.D. students who are working to help solve complex visual and parallel computing challenges.

Jason was chosen as an NVIDIA graduate fellow based on his work in developing applications and computer architectures for a mobile vision system. This work is related to NVIDIA’s work in mobile processors such as their Tegra 3.

Regarding the fellowship program, Chris Malachowsky, co-founder of NVIDIA and senior vice president of research said, “NVIDIA has a long commitment to supporting outstanding academic research, because we know it fuels innovation. We’re delighted to support the work of these exceptional graduate students. Their efforts will help define the future of computing.”

Jason is a third year Ph.D. candidate working with his advisor, Prof. Todd Austin, and with Prof. Silvio Savarese. In response to the increase in computational performance of mobile devices, along with the increase in mobile device capability, such as image recording, his research is focused on mobile computer vision applications and the development of novel architectural improvements to increase mobile computer vision processing capability in terms of energy and execution time. This has resulted in a new application of mobile vision that can be used as a navigational aide to the visually impaired.

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