Computer Science Students Win Spring 2011 U-M Mobile Apps Challenge with “Accessible Messaging”

Winners have been announced in the Spring 2011 U-M Mobile Apps Challenge, and a team of computer science students headed by CS undergraduate Kimberly Hunter took first place overall with Accessible Messaging, an iPad application that offers a unique “scanning interface” that allows users with fine motor control disabilities or vision impairment to easily compose messages using a custom keyboard, select and read messages in their inbox, and navigate menus without requiring precise on-screen touches. In addition to Ms Hunter, the student development team that developed ASK Messaging includes Erica Christensen, Scott Jenks, Chelsea LeBlanc, Chris McMeeking, and Michelle Noronha.

Other computer science students that placed in the competition included:

Computer science undergraduate Andrew Sapperstein placed first in the Android category. His project, Communicate, is a real-time translator, allowing communication with someone who does not speak the same language as you.

Computer science undergraduate Alex Haefner was a runner-up in the iOS category. His project, Draw With Me, is an app for the iPad that allows for an instantaneous, interactive drawing experience over Wifi or 3G.

Computer science undergraduate Zev Youra was a runner-up in the iOS category. His project, Dodac Tiler, is a math-based educational game for elementary and middle school aged players that turns rote exercises into a fun puzzle that helps the player internalize basic math operations.

The Mobile Apps Challenge was open to university students, faculty and staff and encourages the development of iOS, Android, Windows 7, and web applications. Videos of all winning and runner up entries are available on the U-M Mobile Center website.

The Spring 2011 U-M Mobile Apps Challenge was sponsored by Apple Inc., Google, Microsoft, U-M Information and Technology Services (ITS), U-M Computer Science and Engineering, and the U-M Office of Technology Transfer.

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